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Sweet and hoeked


The Discovery

I go to school in Antwerp and just as every student during my breaks I try to find something delicious to eat. The last weeks this became increasingly difficult because after a while you’ve tried the food from almost every obvious place am I right?
Luckily my brother works in Antwerp as well. One evening he came home with a big box full of donuts. What was I happy! And you know what’s even better? He bought these donuts in a little shop called “Hoeked Doughnuts” which is a 5 min walk from my school.


I’ve had my fair share of donuts to be honest. But I must admit that I was very disappointed in Belgian donuts. I went to Dublin a year ago with my mom and we had some donuts in a small shop. Since then i’ve been looking for something likewise in Belgium but I couldn’t find anything that came close to those donuts. Until now. You get a great variety of flavors in the store. I think there is something for everyone.
My personal favorite is “ThisIsNoPeanuts” which is obviously a peanut cream donut.


I bought 8 donuts (I’ve got a big family) for 25 euros. Which is not cheap, but I don’t mind spending a little more on special occasions for better quality. Because let’s face it, the donuts you can find in the supermarket are nothing compared to these.

Where to find them

You can find more tasty “Hoeked Doughnuts” if you click here.


You can say I got hoeked on Hoeked Doughnuts 😉 .

Have you ever tried these doughnuts? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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Lots of love


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