Top 10 Lush products

From newbie to addict 30712819_1193898937413197_5619499128066146304_n

One year and a half ago, my addiction started, a couple of my friends bought me my first EVER Lush bath bomb. From the minute I tried it I was sold.

Right now I have my fair share of products and I want to tell you guys all about the 10 products I can’t live without.

Bath Bombs, bubble bars and Jelly bombs


First off I want to start with the infamous Lush bath bombs. I’ve had tons of bath bombs, bubble bars and jelly bombs the past couple of months, but just a few really got my attention.

But first I just want to clarify that most of these products are available the entire year, if not I will mention it.

  1. Milky Bath ( Bubble bar): I love this one! I find the scent really relaxing. For some reason it reminds me of freshly washed clothes. It gives my skin a very smooth feeling. It doesn’t really colour your water extremely which doesn’t really bother me. ~ €5,95
  2. Marmalade (Jelly bomb): This one is very different from what you’d expect looking at the colour. The orange and yellow colours really scream: lemon!!! But that’s not really the case. I find the smell of this jelly bomb rather subtle. I think this would be a great gift for younger children. The jelly inside was a real hit with my youngest brother! ~ €6,95
  3.  Dragon’s egg (Bath bomb):  Talking about lemon, if you want a citrus scent, this is definitely the one you should get! This bath bomb really lives by the saying “simple on the outside beautiful on the inside”. Once you but this one under the water you will be amazed by the colours. It also gives your skin that same smooth feeling again! ~ €5,25
  4. Big blue (Bath bomb): my all time favourite! This bath bomb defines summer for me. I can’t really explain why, but I think it has something to do with the sea salt inside. The salt and the seaweed inside really make sure all your dead skin is gone afterwards. But if you don’t like seaweed, don’t buy this bath bomb! ~ €4,95
  5. Tisty Tosty (bath bomb): I’m sad to say that i can’t find this one online anymore since it was a Valentine’s special. I got this one from my boyfriend which I find really suitable since it’s a very romantic bath bomb. The rose petals embedded in the bath bomb give a romantic feel but are a little annoying afterwards, but who cares!


Shampoo and lipscrub30728650_1193893094080448_6750254388062715904_n

I love washing my hair with the shampoo bars from Lush. I must say I don’t really use anything else anymore since I have a really sensitive scalp and I can’t use every shampoo. Lush really helped me balance my hair out!

  1. Wash behind your ears (Shampoo bar): This is the cutest little shampoo bar I’ve ever owned. But sadly, it’s a seasonal bar. The smell reminds me of a shampoo that I had as a kid. The smell really brings me back to those old spring nights. The only issue I have with this shampoo bar is that those little ears don’t stay on. I would 100% recommend this product as a gift for younger children. ~ €8,95
  2. Honey (lipscrub): Soft lips with a sweet touch, what else do you need? ~ €8,95

Face essentials


I have a lot of Lush face essentials, but I made an effort and picked the three I use on a (almost) daily base.

  1. Ocean salt (face- and bodyscrub):  Very fresh scrub you can use for your body and face, I only use it for my face 3 times a week. I think this is one of the best scrubs I’ve ever had since I find my skin really soft lately. ~ €12,95
  2. Tea Tree water (Toner): Very refreshing on a hot day if you put this in the refrigerator. Also good to use before bed. I really like the smell of it, although I can understand this smell is not for everyone. ~ €13,25
  3. Sleepy (Body lotion): I think sleepy is one of the most popular lush body lotions I know and I’m obsessed! I really love this product, I actually love all the products that have the same lavender smell of it (think : twillight). I use it almost every night it this must be my 4th one I think. It really relaxes you before bed. I really recommend this one to people that have trouble falling asleep. ~ €11,95


I’m a lush addict, I really love all of their products and what they stand for. If you’ve never been to a Lush store before I really recommend taking a look inside the next time you see one or you can click here if you want to take a look at their site.

If you’re a real lushie you should really keep an eye on this blog since I will be posting more about Lush!

Are you a lushie or a newbie? Comment down below and let me know what your favourite items are.

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Lots of love

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