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What’s In My Purse 2018


A woman’s purse. It is and will always be a mystery for many.

Today I will show you guys what you can find in my purse. Throughout the years my purse changed a lot. I used to only keep my money in there, but when I grew older I kept adding the essentials in my purse, those little things I can’t live without anymore.

I do realize a lot of people have done this kind of posts on their blogs, but I noticed many of these aren’t realistic and I wanted to give you guys a real look in my purse.

(Ps: I did take out all the trash inside my purse like receipts and used tissues)

For those wondering, I followed the newest trends with my bag and bought myself a (kind of) basket bag. This one’s from Zara.




Everyone needs their basics right?


Transport essentials

Since I’m using public transport a lot I need my glasses! Without them, I can’t see which bus is arriving at my local bus stop. It wouldn’t be the first time I stop the wrong bus and the driver gives me a dirty look. i also need my little wallet where I can keep my bus subscription, bank card, … I got that one for free at Hunkemoller since I work there every Saturday.



Emergency Junk

I keep a lot of stuff in my purse I think I will need on a daily base but I actually don’t.

Sun cream I always keep with me since I get easily sunburned, but since I live in Belgium it’s highly unlikely that it will suddenly be exceptionally good weather, but I try to keep it in my purse anyway because you never know right?

Some tissues for my allergies, which I only have like 2 months in a year, but I just keep them in case.

And of course a little box with band aids since I can get blisters quite easily.


All about the smell

I always keep lots of perfumes in my purse and honestly, I have no clue why I would need 2 perfumes in my purse I guess I just like to switch it up during the day. I keep a little Victoria’s Secret roller ball (can’t find the original one I have in my purse, but I also have another one I adore I’ll put the link right here)  with me and a perfume I bought at Urban Outfitters a while ago.

I always keep a deodorant with me like most people I suppose. Right now I’m using one from playboy, I just love the smell!


Kissable lips

I just love a good lip, it’s my favorite thing to put on when I’m out and about! That’s why I keep a fair amount of lip product in my purse. To start of a good lip I always need to put on a lip-primer since I get quite easily dry lips, I use the lip-primer from Mac which I’m really happy with.

I also keep my Mac matte lipsticks with me, I own a lot off them, but right now I’m in love with “D for Danger” . But to be honest, I switch it up quite a lot when it comes to my lippies.

I recently bought my first Fenty Beauty items in Paris, Gloss Bomb. I really like it, but the only problem I have is that I can’t wear it when there’s a lot of wind. Since it’s really sticky and my hair gets caught up in it from time to time. But besides that I think you should really try it out!


Soft hands and lips

Who doesn’t like it when your lips and hand are very soft? I certainly do! That’s why I always keep my Lush Lip service and my Body shop handcrème with me!


So that’s about it! Of course this is what I mostly keep in my purse, but it’s quite logic that when it’s very hot outside I keep a bottle of water with me as well! My purse also changes up a little depending on the weather! What do you keep in your purse? Let me know down below!

Lots of love

elien naam

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