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Let’s talk about ¦ My boyfriend

My boyfriend and I at the Louvre in Paris, France

I’ve met my boyfriend, Yassin, 5 years ago in school, we sat next to each other in our math’s class. I really didn’t like him since I’ve always been the quiet and shy kind of person and he was/is the complete opposite! We didn’t really get along, I mean we didn’t talk at all. But 2 years past and I was about to change schools and through one of our, then, mutual friends we actually started talking. So after two years of completely not talking or noticing each other we completely hit it off. We’ve been together for 3 years and a couple of months now (May 1st).

For both of us it was our first serious relationship and like almost every couple we had our ups and down, definitely in our first months together. We weren’t used to having to think about someone else’s feelings and needs, which lead to some heavy fights. Luckily we are over that now and can enjoy each others company at his fullest.

Get to know him

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As always

Lots of love

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