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5 ways how I make ¦ Money

Money, money, money
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 Don’t you just love the feeling you get when you buy something you’ve payed for yourself? I know I do! I can get a lot of satisfaction out of saving for something myself. I really dislike the fact that some people the same age as me ask their parents to pay for everything they do or buy. I mean,  my parents do buy me essentials, but since I love to get more than one pair of shoes, I feel like I should pay for it myself. Since I still go to school and I’m only 19 years old, I do not have a steady income. So I need to get my money elsewhere. I listed 5 ways I earn my money. I hope some of you guys might find this helpful.

Get A Student Job

This one is the most popular I believe. You have two kind of student jobs, you can work a longer consecutive time during a holiday or you can get a job on a fixed day every week. I’ve been doing both of these since I was 16 years old. I’ve had my fair amount of jobs during the 5 years of doing this and I finally found a job I really enjoy. Like I said I started at 16 when a popular supermarket chain came to my little village. I applied for a job and got one immediately. I worked every Wednesday from 1pm-8pm as a rack filler. I hated this job because I was always alone the entire time. I worked here almost 1,5 year and I worked maybe twice with a colleague which is quite boring so, I quit.

I could start almost immediately in a different supermarket, but now I worked in the “butcher department” of the store, I did enjoy this job because I really liked my colleagues. But one time I cut my finger pretty bad and since then I didn’t like working there anymore since I was frightened of the knives we were using, so I quit.

That summer I worked in a lingerie company, named Hunkemöller, for 5 weeks, I loved this job! So I asked if I could stay during the year as well and I could! I’m working there for almost a year now and I still love what I do.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hunkemoller


This is popular one as well, I mean, a lot of movies have been made with the babysit as a main character. We all know a similar horror story as “When a stranger calls” or stories like “The Sitter“.

Luckily none of these stories are real life experiences for me, the kids are very sweet and kind and I’ve never really had a creepy experience when I was working. This job is “easy money” when you enjoy being around children like me. I mostly babysit at night so even when you can only enjoy children for a shorter period this might be a good job for you, since most of the time they are already sleeping (but I would actually only recommend this job when you don’t mind children at all!).

I’ve been babysitting for almost 6 years now and I find my addresses mostly on special websites that provide you the opportunity as a parent to make a profile on this site and find babysitters who must have an extended profile as well. I use for example but you can also use and many more (these sites are only accessible in Belgium). Or you can find your addresses the old fashioned way, through family connections, which I use a lot too. For example, I will be travelling to Wales for 8 days to babysit on the children from a friend of my mother in law. Which is awesome! I will be blogging about this soon for those interested, comment down below!

TIP! I would strongly recommend using a site like the ones I mentioned before to make sure you won’t get yourself in a weird or dangerous situation. You can always ask more information about the parents through those sites and ask for a meet-up before actually accepting a job.



Just like parents need someone to take care of their children when they are at work, pet owners need someone to feed or walk their animals when they’re away or even at work. Which is a fun job if you like the company of our four-legged friends. You can get jobs the same way as regular babysitting; through friends or sites, I use . I must say that, even though a lot of people think it’s a very easy job, you are responsible for cleaning up after them and you should also really be good company for them when their owners are gone for a longer time. So don’t start this job when you aren’t capable of spending a certain amount of time on them.

TIP! This is fun job when you love being around animals but you can’t have one yourself.


Sell old clothes

Aaagh the easiest way to make money. Selling your old stuff. When you want to make money, but don’t want to do much for it, this is THE “job” for you. Everybody has that one skirt you probably shouldn’t have bought or this one sweater you haven’t worn for years. One simple answer; SELL THEM. You make money off it and on your way doing that you might make one or two people happy with your old stuff. Perfect match if you ask me.

Again; safety first when it comes to this kind of stuff, use well known sites to sell your clothes! You want to make sure that, when you send your clothes to a potential buyer, you receive your money. I could recommend unitedwardrobe for example, but I’m sure a lot of good sites circle around the internet.

Also; there’s nothing wrong with selling your clothes the old fashioned way in a garage sale, but I think you find a different type of public on a website.

Small jobs

When none of these jobs are for you and you are not really the person the commit to a job, you can always look for one day jobs. Look out for advertisements in the paper or around town. I’ve found several jobs through an advertisement in my local bakery. I’ve been an Easter bunny, served at a baby shower, helped out with setting up a party…

You can make money out of these and you don’t need to commit to a job, which can come in handy for those that need money fast.


Those were all the ways I make my money, of course I don’t do these all at the same time. When I didn’t have a student job I started looking for easy money jobs like selling things and the one day jobs. Right now I have my job and I also go babysitting a lot, which is enough for now. If you have any questions, let me know! If you have any tips I didn’t know about feel free to comment!

As always

Lots of love

elien naam

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  1. Student jobs have been my best friend for the last five years, because they guarantee some some of income that I get to use! I’ve rotated through quite a few like you and finally love my current job at a music shop!

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