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Cooking ¦ Poke Bowl With Salmon 4P

How to make a delicious Poke Bowl? It looks easy and thank god it is! I'm not that good of a cook and I decided I wanted to start eating a little bit healthier after the summer holidays because, like a lot of people, I wouldn't mind loosing some weight again. Luckily for me my… Lees verder Cooking ¦ Poke Bowl With Salmon 4P

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Budapest, Hungary ¦ Citytrip 2016

  We went to Budapest and loved it! Like every year, my boyfriend and I went on a citytrip. In 2016 we took the plane straight to Hungary Budapest. This was the first time I went to Hungary and I didn't  know what to expect. We went in December which means it would be very… Lees verder Budapest, Hungary ¦ Citytrip 2016