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7 retailers we need in ¦ Antwerp

I can't count how many times I've seen a haul video on YouTube thinking "I wish we had this store in Belgium". So in this short blogpost I'm going through a couple of shops I always look out for when I'm on holiday. Sephora Victoria's Secret Bath and Body Works ¦ Topshop Dunkin Donuts KFC Disney… Lees verder 7 retailers we need in ¦ Antwerp

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What’s In My Purse 2018

A woman's purse. It is and will always be a mystery for many. Today I will show you guys what you can find in my purse. Throughout the years my purse changed a lot. I used to only keep my money in there, but when I grew older I kept adding the essentials in my… Lees verder What’s In My Purse 2018